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Organic Cretan Products

Holidays aren’t only about sitting at the beach and enjoying the sun. A good breakfast made from certified organic products from our own harvest is sure to be the best start for a day full of trips and playing in the water. At our hotel, you can try our rich and traditionally made Cretan breakfast, at the very approachable price of 5 euro, which includes honey, cheese, eggs, meat, salad, juice and yoghurt. Of course, you can ask for a lighter breakfast, if you wish to do so.


Apart from making your stay as nice as possible, our family sees to your diet as well. All our products come from goats, chickens, rabbits and sheep raised on our farm (situated 1, 5 kilometres from Kalamaki). Our products are checked and certified by DIO, the first organic certification organism in Greece.

Virgin Olive Oil

For example, the oil we use in our food and breakfast comes from our own olive trees, in Kamilari. The harvesting of the olives starts in December and continues on until mid-March. In this procedure, we use nets (which are placed under the trees), and other special machinery, with which we shake the trees’ branches and so the olives fall to the ground easier. The processing of the fruit, completed at an environment-friendly oil mill, is the last stage of the so-called olive harvesting!


Our family has also been active in beekeeping for many years. Our honey is known for its exceptional flavour, a result of aromatic herbs and thyme, from which our honey is produced. In addition to honey, we also produce royal jelly, propolis and pollen, nutritional ingredients known for the feeling of well-being they induce and their healing qualities.


An old, aromatic variety of grapes (Kotsifoliatiko) has gifted us, for many years, with the environment-friendly red wine that our guests have come to love. The process of the wine is done at the wine press (a small, semi-enclosed, square area of about 2 m²), in which the grapes are stepped on. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, the best way to do so is to come pay us a visit!

The fresh grape juice, known as moustos, is stored away in wooden barrels, which are what give our wine the exceptional flavour it’s known for. From the tsikouda, which are pips and peels from the fruit, and after distillation, the well-known raki is produced in the special cooking pots- or in other words the stills. The stills are in use for only a few months, usually from mid-September to about mid-October. In keeping with tradition, the distillation lasts until the wee hours, resulting in a party gathering for the locals. Many of our guests have had the opportunity to enjoy the experience of attending the making of raki!


Sights in Crete

Agiofarago (Holy Canyon) Agiofarago is a picturesque canyon south of Matala. Its name is a testament to the traveller’s goal centuries ago...

Moni Martsalou (Martsalou Monastery) Moni Martsalou has taken its name from the canyon Martsalos, which is about 2 kilometres long...

Kefali (Head) Kefali is one of the southernmost points of Crete, rising to a height of 395 metres and offering a magnificent...

Phaistos The Minoan city of Phaistos is situated on the top of a hill, 5 kilometres from Kalamaki...

Kommos Anyone can enjoy the 4-kilometre-long beach of Kommos on the southern coast of Crete...

Agia Triada Agia Triada is only 1, 5 kilometres from Phaistos...

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